Grace’n’Glamour- A Cool new Way to Shop in Prague

Grace’n’Glamour is back with a flair for great Czech Designers

GnG III vizual

On Saturday, June 15 at the Thalia hotel, some of the best established and new labels of Czech design will appear in one space for a day of luxury shopping at Grace’n’Glamour.

The project, which started with a simple concept, has turned into a place where great fashion meets affordable prices.

Big names in the Czech design industry like Pavel Ivančic, Ivana Follová, Šárka Šišková, Kateřina Geislerová, Monika Drápalová, Zdeňka Imreczeová and Iveta Pecuchová will bring their current lines, be available for talks, and ready to help make that ‘special’ something you have always dreamed of.

Grace’n’Glamour is also promoting young, fresh talents  from Pavel Ivančic’s VŠUP atelier here in Prague giving the public a chance to see the new talent coming out of Czech universities.

But for those assuming that it’s just about the ladies this Saturday, I am afraid you would be wrong;  Men’s wear, jewellery, hats, as well as many other Czech goodies will also be available at prices that are perfect enough to buy something in every color.

Thalia Hotel
Narodní, 13, Prague 1

Entry: 120 CZK / 5 €


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