Karlovy Vary gets a Pop-Up Shop

The Spa haven grabs another piece of the lime-light with pop-up shop from Dusni 3 boutique


I love a good pop-up. Sure, the idea is perhaps a bit dated with every mass market retailer also “popping up” all over the respective countries they reside in; but when a business does it right, then it’s almost like inventing an entire new retail concept.

The Dusni 3 store is moving their international selection August 18-25 to Karlovy Vary, the spa haven for the rich and elite, located some 127 kilometers from Prague. It’s an event where those in ‘the know’ will have the opportunity to buy over 20 respected designers from Europe and Asia, all of which has been careful selected from the runways and showrooms of fashion’s greatest cities.

To agree with the spa-town mentality, patrons will be happy to know that Dusni 3 has moved away from your traditional and sometimes rather annoying opening hours of past regimes gone by (uh.. I am taking to you local boutique that opens at 7am and shuts at 5pm, on.the.dot.) to something more modern; a 10am-7pm shopping frenzy.


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