Buzz Words Be Gone: The two most overused words in Czech Fashion Vocabulary

You’ve read these words; unfortunately probably on this blog (sorry).  They are the most common filler words on press releases and the words people use when they want to sound avantgarde (another word I hate that I’ve been prone to use from time to time). If you type these two words into Czech google you’ll be hit with an astonishingly 3.6 million hits for EACH WORD!

So, which two words irk me more than any other? Why, it’s none other than Futurism and Minimalism. Both have become so over-used that they have lost their meaning all together. Ruffle dresses with a clean bodice that’s minimalism. Any garment that looks to be completely unwearable? It’s futurism! Sometimes I think my fellow journalists and bloggers have run out of ways to just say- It’s shit, so we say futurism. Lacks any form of creativity- minimalism, and thus the pendulum swings back.

After what most would deem a relaxing summer the slow drum beat of four upcoming fashion weeks suddenly has me trolling the thesaurus for words that are at least slightly more appealing than the lazy lady’s normal fall back plan. Banal, verbose, simulacrum; these are certainly more effective tools of communication and normally explain exactly what I am thinking when I see something “futuristic” (I am actually writing them down in a book as we speak to be whipped out at a moments notice for any and all catwalk shows where it seems a fitting word).

Of course, this all has me wondering; if Minimalism and futurism were the “buzz words” for 2012 fashion weeks in Prague will it be “rocker chic”, “punk”, or something even more obnoxious this year? Two more weeks and I will know for sure.

Two examples of “Futurism” designs from Prague Fashion Weekend 2012


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