Lost in Translation- the Journey of Provenance

Provenance Forgot its origins at Saphir East Collection

The opening show of Prague Fashion Week,  is a much coveted spot. Last year, fashion heavy weight Alexandre Herchcovitch debuted his Spring/Summer 2013 collection after packing it up from New York Fashion Week for its European debut in Prague. Following in Herchcovitch’s shoes isn’t easy, but the hopes remained high for Japanese designer Hirono of Saphir East.

It was the oval, monstrosity of Lady Gaga fame  which opened the show on September 9, before slowly creeping into Hirono’s current collection called Provenance, which had two parallel themes- ‘form line’ and ‘conscious line’.

“The form line offers variation with a dress remodeled  into a tube shape, corsages, and other accessories, and a drape-on-drape dress with a circular pattern. The Conscious line offers a long silk dress which savors the gentle flow of material.”

If you didn’t completely understand that explanation fully,  it’s ok,  because the pictures below will surely sort it out for you.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Still confused; you aren’t alone. If the collection would have stopped at the black and white satin and silk ‘form and conscious lines’ I would have been ok; but it continued, and what occurred next had provenance only from things which we dare not speak of- which of course means we are going to.

The predictability of the collection from this point forward was not only frustrating but down-right maddening. The fabrics chosen, whether indistinguishable floral taffetas -of lower-end fabric store fame- brocades that lacked luster, and upholstery fabric (which for the record I am actually going to make into pillows) seemed to be more in line with that of a university student who struggles to gather enough money for a semester collection versus that of a woman who has been nominated as Woman of the Year, by Vogue Japan.


Photo Credit: Jiri Hermina

The silhouettes were banal- one-shouldered dresses, accordion pleated skirts, a knitted bikini top- just to name a few- added a spiritlessness to a collection whose name is almost always used in connection with spirituality.  The rest of the collection was devoid of meaning, unless we are grasping at straws to find historical significance and even then it was a miss.

From turn of the century French madam with enough chinese silk and feathers to fill a brothel we moved into German beer maids with slightly more tulle, than the ones you find during Oktoberfest.


Photo Credit: Jiri Hermina


70’s styling mixed with 18th Century male costume only warrants confusion/ Photo Credit: Jiri Hermina


Predictable A-line brocaded dress lacked luster even with the train/ Photo Credit: Jiri Hermina


The skirt of my pillow affection/ Photo Credit: Jiri Hermina

One of my fabric choices for a fancy throw pillow.

One of my fabric choices for a fancy throw pillow.


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