Competition: Be A Fashion Editor for a Day at Mercedes Benz Prague Fashion Weekend

The hair, the make-up, the press pass, the presents, and the gossip

The Devil Wears Prada made the Fashion Editor larger than life and slightly insane

The Devil Wears Prada made the Fashion Editor larger than life and slightly insane

The Devil Wears Prada inspired and terrified a whole generation of young woman and men into believing that life as a fashion editor was a tough, cut-throat business made only for those insane enough to participate or dumb enough to put up with its shenanigans. We learnt from Meryl Streep that being driven around in a car from one fashion show location to another, never destroying your Jimmy Choos or Christian Louboutins, was hard business.

Of course being a fashion editor or journalist is a tough business. People expect you to always look perfect, be overly enthusiastic about the newest collections of such and such designer, while attempting to find new ways to describe both the exciting and mundane.

Genuinely interested to know what it’s like to be behind the scenes of the world’s most fashionable trade show- the runway show? has set up a competition for one lucky winner to accompany me during Mercedes Benz Prague Fashion Weekend  where you’ll be treated with kid gloves like those from Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Dolce Vita, and Idnes- just to name a few.

You’ll have a press pass which allows the winner to go to the press room- finding a chair to rest your tired feet while gossiping about the latest collections and drinking your third, double-espresso. You’ll get priority access to the tent- being a VIP has its privileges- just in time for you to take your seat for the next 10 minute show. No fashion show is complete with out the obligatory photo shoot in front of the photo board where expert photographer Benjamin Vales, will show you how to perfect your fashion editor pout before heading back to the press room and repeating.

What else is on schedule? Besides the photographs, the press pass, and the fashion shows: a goodie bag, access to parties, and your own review of the fashion shows will be added to the article, “Fashion Editor for a Day”.

Ready to sign up? CLICK HERE and sign up-Competition ends on September 17


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