Italian brand We Are Replay takes over Marianske Square

We Are Replay shows fall/winter 2013-2014 collection at Mayor’s Residence in Prague


Italian brand Replay, a bit of a cult favorite here in the Czech Republic, introduced their fall/winter 2013-2014 line during Fashion Week on Wednesday evening.

The idea behind the collection was imperfection and flaws. Normally clean jeans were distressed with bleach spots or mechanic’s smear stains. The “dirty” jeans were combined with neoprene jackets, v-neck cotton tee’s (distressed of course), and cotton Jacquard shirts giving the feeling of an urban man and woman comfortably confident in being a hot mess.

Jackets- bolder with color and print- were an important part of the show. Whether it was a metallic leather baseball jacket for men, an electric blue bomber jacket , a hooded parka with baroque motifs, an asian inspired baseball jacket, or a green mix-print jacket for women the statement was clear- the jacket was one of the must have trends for Fall/Winter 2013

It wasn’t only jackets that went into the bold unknown. Jeans and leggings were tight; in fact it seemed like the tighter the leggings the better. I could just imagine scenes from the 1970’s of girls zipping up their favorite pair using pliers; this too seemed to be the goal of Replay- tight, shocking jeans.


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