Van Graaf adds panache to Fall/Winter 2013 Collection

Van Graaf has continued to make a name for itself inside the Czech market. The Germany company, who will add several new menswear lines this fall, is pushing a more aggressive strategy going forward. On Sunday evening, Van Graaf introduced their concept behind Fall/Winter 2013, all of which can be purchased in store.

Show Stopper

Floor length dresses were key to the glamour queen for the f/w13 collection of Van Graaf. Using embellishments like beads and sequins the simple neck-lines  were turned into necklaces or a 1920’s art-deco decadence in lilac, turquoise or cream.  Fur stoles, wraps, and jackets added a dimension of luxury perfect for the ball, theater, or an evening out for drinks with friends. For men it was fitted suits with clean lines, all perfectly tailored, which were the show stoppers. The standard single or double-breasted jacket was a key feature as were colors of black, charcoal, and ochre respectively.

It was the punk, grunge trend that followed closely behind. Unlike many other younger market driven stores, Van Graaf was able to make a youth culture movement appealing for the older audience. Whether it was combining familiar cuts like a skinny jean, a leather motorcycle jacket -complete with shoulder studs- with a more traditional sweater, or adding knits to leather studded mini-skirts; the collection was both interesting and wearable. For men, the grunge theme went with fitted, tapered dark denim,  leather blazers, mixed wool and leather baseball jacket that verged on a familiar Diesel or Replay styling.

It was a mix of sophisticated blacks, college prep, and Scottish highlands that found their way into the final trend of  Van Graaf a/w13. Sweaters with small Scotty dogs combined with corduroy skirts and tights (and the obligatory ankle boot) continued to make an impression. Add this with an Oxford prep man and the cycle was complete- and more or less matched every other high street design.


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