Fifty Shades of Grey now in Mass Market KappAhl

Mommy porn Fifty Shades of Grey has teamed up with Swedish wanna-be Tommy Hilger, KappAhl, to reach a demographic of women who are obviously not getting enough excitement in the bedroom.

The ‘sexy’ line (said with head tilt and question toned voice) focuses on a banal colour palette of red, gray and black with lace details. Push-up and balcony style bras are mixed in with your standard granny panties, cleverly renamed to ‘hipster’- I know a few hipsters and they are more apt to go commando not full bottomed- as well as your bikini and thong styles.

While I appreciate the mass merchant’s nod to women wanting something a bit more, perhaps KappAhl would be kind enough to take a cue from last year’s Intimissimi leather release or the gold standard of lingerie Agent Provacteur, because what you have created is boring KappAhl, not sexy.


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