Help! I’ve been invited to a ball

Where to shop for all of the necessary pieces to step out in style

It’s January yet again which means we are back in ball season for the Czech Republic and Austria. It’s a time of great social prevalence when young and old don traditional garments of white and black tie- though there are always those few who think being avant-garde is the best way to go; it’s not!

While there are certainly choices galore; making the right choice is not always easy.

The all Important Dress

When it comes to the dress it’s important to know what type of function you are actually planning to attend. Will there be copious amounts of dancing? Will you be gossiping wildly with very little want to dance? Is it a black or white tie function, just suit, or come as you are? Is your only concern that you look nice so that your escort will take you home at the end of the evening; HEY! I’m not judging! All of these things will likely play a key role into the dress you ultimately end up buying or renting.

Should you decide to waltz the night away go for a dress with a bit more movement and one without a train( you’ll thank me in the long run I promise). Looking to score? Be glamorous and bold in either a tight-fitting dress or a plunging neckline. It will keep him guessing the entire night as to, just how, your breasts stayed in place all night… ehhmm… it’s called boob tape.


Halter and One-Strap

Short Sleeved or Drapery

Shoes are easy depending upon your budget with the likes of Zara, Humanic, Jimmy Choo, Simple Concept Store or Obsession available to fit any damsels need.  But gloves, my God the gloves! For that I recommend a small little shop- most of you have walked by it on your way to Old Town Square- called Rukavice. Whether you are looking for opera-length kid, leather gloves or the more traditional black fabric, there are numerous sizes, colors, and styles to fit your every need.

Helpful hint: If you are going to a ball, any ball, best to check out the people mentioned sooner rather than later. You aren’t, after all, Cinderella and there is certainly no fairy godmother waiting in the wings to dress you in the modern-day equivalent of Georges Hobeika.

Designers and Showrooms Listed on this page:

Svatebni Studio Brigit
Jiri Kalfar
Jakub Polanka
Pavel Berky
Loram Fashion
Delore Couture
Projekt Belka
Zuzana Kubickova
Kamila Vodochodska
Klara Nademlynska
TIQE- Petra Balvinova
Pietro Filipi
Katerina Geislerova
Martin Havel
Rukavice- Železná 1, Prague 1 (no web address given)

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