New Blue: biannual newspaper launches in Prague

Eva Doll on the cover of Blue Paper's 1st Issue

Eva Doll on the cover of Blue Paper’s 1st Issue

Full disclosure: I wasn’t able to make the launch of this… I was doing something; what though I can’t seem to remember. I did however contact the appropriate people for a press release or press information, sadly as this story is being published not much exists; here is what I can tell you:

According to Lukas Loskot, the newly appointed creative director of MBPFW and Blue paper, it was ‘his idea’ to create a biannual magazine that would support the MBPFW project. The paper- I have been told- will be in both Czech and English languages, though since I am yet to get my mitts on a copy. During the summer, “a third special fashion weekend issue”, will also be available for free throughout the city (a full list can be found below).

BP, as Blue Paper is being called by those ‘in-the-know’, will include, ” interviews with designers, models or interesting people from the art, beauty and fashion industry [as well as] smaller profiles introducing photos of architecture or emerging fashion talents,” according to Ema Janackova, also working on Blue Paper and MBPFW, tells me.  “BP wants to introduce interesting personalities as well as their projects. It aims at really diverse audience – from fashion victims to art students. It blends luxury with fashion art, known with unknown.”

Now we just have to see if BP lives up to its hype.

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Blue Paper-a.k.a. BP- can be found out the following locations:

Simple Concept Store

Emblem Hotel
Dvorak Sec
Cafe Cafe
Bugsy’s Bar
Ambiente Group

as well as numerous other design shops, hotels and restaurants throughout the city.


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