Spring/Summer 2014: The Hungarians

A few of our favorites from Hungary give us a preview of

                                             Spring/Summer 2014


While this site is mostly dedicated to all of the wonderful things happening around the Czech Republic, sometimes I get overly excited about what is churning from outside the borders of the Czech Republic. The Hungarians are never ones to disappoint with fresh styles, good tailoring, and an international clientele to boot. So who am I most looking forward to buying this Spring/Summer during my next trip to Budapest? Find them all below:


Je Suis Belle

Not six-pack, beach ready? Well, you’ll probably discover that the Je Suis Belle line might be slightly more difficult to pull off this spring/summer with most of the styles showing off just how healthy you were starting January 1st.

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Her looks have been spotted on fashionable bloggers in Australia and Japan and she’s even got great PR on the Vogue UK website, but one of our favourites still makes affordable, fashion- forward clothes for those looking for designers from the CEE region.  The spring/summer 2014 collection continues with much of the same “Budapest cool” that we’ve come to expect from the city with so much talent.

USE unused

Ladies that lunch or power brokers… if you don’t know of USE unused you should jot it down in your little notebook and find a stockist near you immediately. The team who excels in making beautiful clothing has launched perhaps their best collection to date.


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