Your cake problem solved

 Whether planning a wedding, birthday or general celebration of your awesomeness, here are the best places

to score great cakes in Prague

Punk Rock Cakes minicakes

Punk Rock Cakes minicakes/ Photo Credit: Punkrockcakes Instagram



My birthday is around the corner which has me selfishly thinking a lot about cakes, yes cakes.  I don’t, as some of you may already know bake – just ask my ex, I was dreadful at it – but that has never stopped me from purchasing the odd chocolate or pistachio goodness and attempting to pass it off as my own. (This is normally a fail given the fact that all of my dear friends know, again, that I can’t bake).

So what’s a girl or guy to do if you are as worthless at baking as I? DUH… order it!


Punk Rock Cakes

On trend and delicious, bringing these cakes to any party makes you not only the envy of all of your friends, like they weren’t already, but they also taste great! The young entrepreneur still holds down a full-time job at T-Mobile and during her spare waking moments she’s busy concocting creations perfect for your wedding or party.  I had the opportunity to devour a selection of cakes during a recent press trip for Bomton Weddings including minicakes, cakeballs and a smattering of other chocolate goodness. My recommendation, get these cakes before the rest of Prague realises how good they are and the prices sky-rocket.

 Prague City Cakes

Luxury cakes are a big thing everywhere else in the world and it seems that the trend has finally made it to Prague. The build-your-own-for-any-price idea of cakes has found a home in Prague City Cakes, a boutique bakery specialising in making your cake dream come true.  With traditional marzipan cakes fully available the group also does frosting cakes – finally – and has a taste bud sensation with flavours like: carrot cake, red velvet, coffee and hummingbird


Erhartova Cukrarna

Since 1937 this small bakery in Prague 7 and 2 has been turning out over 20 different types of cakes for any celebratory affair. The cakes, especially wedding cakes, tend to be more ‘traditional’ and a bit behind the times, though I am sure if you come in with a good idea something can be made. Expect to see a lot of marzipan and little frosting on the menu. If you’re in a pinch and need a cake this is always a solid option.


St. Tropez

Just off Wenceslas Square in one of the many passages inside Lucerna you’ll find the very good, but overpriced St. Tropez. A favourite among expats and those looking for a bit of respite from the craziness that is the city centre can find a hidden sanctuary here. Macaroons are always a hit, as a the small individual cakes that are very French. It’s common to see a smattering of ladies dressed to the nines sharing cakes, quietly discussing the latest Prague gossip.


Cukrarna Homola

Located just a stone’s throw from I.P. Pavlova these are my no fail cakes. Whether celebrating a friend’s birthday, my own, or bringing a little bit of extra sweetness to that party (paired with a good wine of course) it seems you can never go wrong at this bake shop. They have multiple cakes available from large to individual sizes and the prices are a steal. Expect to pay just 48CZK for the small individual cakes and around 200-500CZK for the larger ones.





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