A Tourist Primer for the Ladies: Footwear in Prague


Firstly, let’s talk footwear. Ladies, do not bring your strappy $500 shoes with you to Prague unless you really don’t mind if they get scratched and ruined. There is a reason that most women in Prague where flats – no, its not because we are all hippies or concerned about our feet – it’s specifically because the cobble stones will eat any good pair of shoes you happen to own.


So much pretty causes so much damage

So much pretty causes so much damage


Prague’s footwear dilemma can be broken down into three categories: High Class Walks , Stumble Upon Places and Nights Out. All require different footwear, all will probably leave you in a bit of pain (walking in Prague is tiresome and well, hard). One may leave your shoes eternally ruined with not even Mr-Fix- It-Cobller back home being able to repair the damage that the Prague streets have done.


High Class Walks

Manolo Blahnik S/S14 collection  Photo Credit: Pinterest

Manolo Blahnik S/S14 collection
Photo Credit: Pinterest

Walking around the city centre, while beautiful,  is treacherous for any nice pair of shoes.  This of course doesn’t mean that you should wear your fave camping shoes around Prague; there will be plenty of eye rolls for those that have great contempt for this- especially if you pick one of the many cafes mentioned in the article here. If the main objective for your holiday is romance and casual sight-seeing stick with a pair of comfy loafers, a wedge heel, a low court shoe or a sturdy smaller heel. Below are a few examples from some of my fave designers which should work as inspiration for packing.



Stumble upon places

If your Prague holiday consists of  8am out-the-door adventures both in Prague and the surrounding areas like Karlstejn and Kutna Hura, my suggestions are firmly planted in the F and B words; flats and ballerinas.  Not only will you be comfortable in multiple types of terrain but you’ll also look chic as well.

Just because you leave the city doesn’t mean you can slack on your wardrobe choices…

Of course those looking to explore more of what Czech nature has to offer may want to go with the much celebrated hiking boot and/or running shoe instead of these cute little guys. True trekkers know ruining a pair of French Soles or Nicholas Kirkwood’s for the love of the countryside if just down right silly.



Nights out on the town

Nights out in Prague can range from underground beer labyrinths filled with cigarette smoke to ultra chic bars with men and women wearing bedazzled tops from Temperley or lace skirts from Valentino. Since I spend most of my life at the later and not the former, the shoes below reflect that.

It should be noted that if you decide the bad beer and smokey bars are you thing then I highly recommend wearing a pair of kicks that you either: a) don’t care about   b) have become your raving/clubbing/disco/festival shoes   c) you opt to get so drunk that you don’t care that the guy next to you has stepped on your suede Kirkwoods and the girl has split- for the 30th time mind you- her Frankovka wine on them as well.

At the ever popular gastropub and high-end pubs it’s certainly acceptable for ladies to don their fave pair of loafers or high-heeled shoes. Sure, they may be a few people that will look at you, but who doesn’t love that kind of attention anyway?





Got a question about footwear? Not sure you’ve picked the right shoes for Prague? Shoot me an email and I’ll try and help! Happy Walking!



One thought on “A Tourist Primer for the Ladies: Footwear in Prague

  1. Jason from Prague says:

    There’s a simple rule here: high heels = taxi. Or else you have to carry a big bag to put your heels in as you wear your comfy shoes on the cobbles. It’s not just shoe damage on the cobbles. I’ve seen ambulances have to be called for twisted ankles and suspected broken hips after a fall. Serious stuff. Little tips from livingprague.com

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