A Prude’s Guide to Lingerie

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner my friends and I have been having conversations – mostly one sided – about where to buy good lingerie in and around the Czech Republic. So, after explaining my stance on buying high-priced items a friend asked who I would recommend and that got me thinking about my top lingerie designers that I own, covet and are on my wish list: (please note all ship to the Czech Republic are not currently in the country with the exception of Agent Provocateur).

A Classic Stepford Wife or Lady from Kent

There are days when you just want to feel all dainty and sweet and these are those pieces that remind you that a little bit of lace goes a very long way.

La Maison Nouvelle

I discovered this brand whilst searching Instagram one evening a few months back and fell in love with the simplicity of the cuts, styling and fabrics. I was so enamoured with the brand that I asked for a sample pack and it’s currently sitting in my apartment as I try and decide what new set I need in my collection and in what colour. Sets start around 75 EURO.


Selfridge’s was the original scene of the crime and since that day I have never looked back. Sophisticated and well-made, these are the pieces that are not only sexy but ones that you will covet. Fit is true to size making ordering online a breeze. Better still, the packaging will make you sincerely contemplate whether you want to throw your new beloved box away. Sets starts around 125 GBP (does not include suspender belt)

Fred and Ginger

With playful names like My Fair Lady and Showgirl this boutique lingerie brand out of London is the perfect mix of playful and sexy. Materials include a range of silks and satins and the fit is ideal. In fact, there isn’t anything much like it on the market so you are guaranteed to be the proud owner of a set not many have. Sets start around 180 GBP.

Lady on the street; It’s what is underneath that counts

Sure, this phrase was made famous by Ludacris and Usher, but ask any woman and even the prude ones among us will admit that sometimes, it’s fun to mind-fuck the men you are with.

Nichole de Carle

Think lingerie as outer wear. The quintessentially British brand originally started as a luxury service for private clients before entering the ready-to-wear market. Focusing on architectural lines and details, the brand is a favourite among those looking for artisanal value and tradition.  One of my favourite aspects of the Nichole de Carle brand however is the Outlet on their main page where – for a bargain I might add – one can purchase older seasoned merchandise for as little as 30 GBP ; shhh keep it a secret, we don’t want the masses to know. Sets start around 180 GBP ( outlet sets can be had for under 100 GBP).

Reckless Wolf

I am not a member of the “wolf pack” just yet, but I am definitely working on it. I met this young designer at a lingerie sample sale in London in November and was star struck, as I had been following her Instagram for quite a while.  She offers two colour ways – black and white – and keeps styles that are easily worn as statement pieces or “basics”. She also has a collection of bodies that are divine under a blazer! – Sets start around 110 GBP

Agent Provocateur

Let’s face it, if there was a lingerie equivalent to bread and butter this would undoubtedly be the winner. The first time you enter an AP store I can promise you, you will buy either a full set, nipple pasties or at the very least a pair of ouverts (incredibly comfortable by the way). Prosecco is always at the ready and the sales girls are there to make you feel like a sexy, confident, go-get-the-world woman. AP has mastered the art of seducing women by giving us what we want – confidence. Sets starts around  5000CZK

I own you: Leather edition

The smell of leather  – for me – is a powerful one. Combine that with the craftsmanship and details of the artists and designers listed below and we have the making of a woman obsessed.

Fleet Ilya

I can thank Coco de Mer and an ex-boyfriend for this splendid find. The London based label is a mixture of mundane items like handbags and clutches to the down right sinister of hog ties, harnesses and restraints. Of course, beauty comes with a price tag so expect belts to run you anywhere between 145 – 500 GBP, harnesses start at 160 GBP, cuffs and collars start at 67 GBP – though I highly recommend if you are going the restraint route and aren’t interested in a harness, go for The Kit  at 510 GBP.

Zana Bayne  and Chromat

A pop star favourite and a recent collaboration with Marc Jacobs to boot, New York City based Zana Bayne creates high-end leather products with a very sophisticated S & M feel. Unlike Fleet Ilya who will set you back a hefty amount, Zana Bayne’s creations start at $180 USD for harnesses, belts from $200 USD , collars and cuffs from $75 USD.

‘Structural experiments for the human body’. Chromat, started by architect Becca McCharen uses the ideas that lay the foundations of buildings and applies them to her stand-out pieces. Hoop skirts, harness with led lights, crowns that are more Virgin Mary than Queen Victoria or a cage cape have all of the right elements of your very own walking urban landscape.  Bodysuits start at $311 USD, bustier start at $200 USD

I own you: Wrapped up tight

Not into leather, that’s ok. Add a bit of sex appeal with latex or body-con pieces and get ready for a night in Soho, TG or at the very least in Prague, knock them dead at Tretter’s or Fashion Club.


Body-con pieces are at the heart of this luxury UK-based lingerie brand that has been featured in some of the top fashion magazines in the world, and managed to sell out of Selfridge’s within a 24 hour period (most retailers wish for that). The dresses, most of which you can wear with perhaps a blazer over it, are on the steep side, but once you are inside the likely hood of you taking it off is pretty slim to none. Dresses start from 350 GBP (VAT not included), Sets start from 100 GBP (VAT not included).

William Wilde

Inspired by ‘glamazons and showgirls,’ William Wilde, who has been in business creating his rubber beauties since 2010 is sort of a novelty in the land of rubber and latex. For anyone who has ever been interested in the latex scene you’ll know that expensive, ill-fitting pieces are many and normally with a exorbitant price tag to match. William, who hand cuts and glues everything himself, offers affordable and dare I say it, incredibly classy pieces with celebrities like Kylie Minogue and Paloma Faith as some of his faithful clientele. Sets start around 110-120 GBP.


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