Day Two: The Silent Treatment and Loud Colours – Denisa Nova and Chatty at MBPFW

7 minutes of deafening silence followed by 10 minutes of loud colours – Two designers, two very different collections for MBPFW

It’s not often that I strongly dislike something; in fact, I like a lot of things and tolerate even more. There comes a point however where my patience wears thin, so thin that I sincerely think about walking out of whatever cubicle of hell I have stumbled upon and leaving.

For SS16, Denisa Nova opened her show with models dressed in nude coloured silk in a combination of ill-fitting styles. Each model wore a jacket, coat or vest in black with lining in “spring colours”. As the models walked they dropped their respective outwear around the catwalk. It was a weird show that went to just down right uncomfortable when the music was unexpectedly switched off and models just kept on coming.

This music-less show lasted for an excruciating 7 minutes. I had thought that perhaps, I was being too harsh in my eye roll criticism, that my boredom was a bit over-the-top, and that my hell cubicle reference was a little dramatic. But, when I saw other colleagues of mine and well-respected journalists, chatting away on Facebook, WhatsApp and checking pictures on Instagram (A friend elbowed me to show me the the latest “great” tumblr account he had found) in the middle of the show, I knew everyone was just as bored as me. In the end, the six piece presentation would have been better suited for her atelier located in Prague 1 than at MBPFW.

Chatty SS16 / Photo Credit: MBPFW

Chatty SS16 / Photo Credit: MBPFW

There was a ray of sunshine that luckily took away the pain of the previous collection which was announced through flashes of bright, prison orange, over-sized denim jackets and the most delicious, hooker boots I have seen in a long time. Chatty, the design duo who makes stellar jeans for the Czech market and is also one of the few companies making wearable clothes at an affordable price point, showed that Czech’s are completely capable of making pieces that are unique, but also commercial.

The line continued with trench coats, long dresses mixing sport elements, with dashes of silk and leather thrown in for good measure. There were oversized cuffs and drop-waist dresses and skirts, but unlike many designers, Chatty was able to form them in such a way where it gave you the feeling that it wasn’t theatrics, but in fact was wearable.  Apparently, Sam Walker, the editor of W magazine, was so enamoured with the spring/summer collection she added Chatty as “Designers to watch” list, an accolade given to only two other designers during the entire fashion week.


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