Czech Fashion Council’s distasteful Instagram Post

Czech Fashion Council posts picture of drowned Syrian child, Aylan Kurdi in abhorrent Instagram photo


The Czech fashion industry has rendered me speechless. This isn’t necessarily uncommon,  but the magnitude of it sure as hell is.

The Czech Republic has been in the spotlight recently for any one of the outlandish statements made by President Zeman regarding refugees seeking asylum in the Czech lands. (On the off chance you aren’t sure what I am writing about, simply Google “President Zeman comments on refugees” and you’re sure to find some golden nuggets.)

Whilst I expect this type of loathsome behaviour from the current president, I had not however, expected to find the Czech Fashion Council mocking a humanitarian disaster of heart wrenching proportions.

Listen, I understand the need to be provocative in fashion, I understand the need to push boundaries, I understand the pressure of always coming up with the next thing, but what I do not understand is this.


I do not understand. How is this provocative? How does this push any boundaries; other than that of basic decency.  How is this anything other than an abhorrent idea that should have gone straight into the rubbish bin? I do not understand how 22 people liked this photo, nor do I understand how one of the likes also comes from a chairman of Czech Fashion Council.

What I do understand is that a crisis of epic scale is happening around us and the Czech Fashion Council, in very poor taste,  decided to use the picture of a child who drowned at sea to make some kind of point for a pop-up gallery/shop. They took someone’s pain, the pain of losing a child, the pain of fleeing a war torn country, the pain of untold loss and thought it would be what – clever – to add very white, uppity teens with the caption “Its Fashion Baby” next to a dead fucking child!?

Czech Fashion Council, you do a lot of good for the Czech fashion community,  but I’d like to speak for the rest of our community by saying that this is not what Czech fashion is about nor do we condone this sort of behaviour.



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