Favourites from MBPFW according to our intern

Ciara O’Connor, Prague Fashion Scene’s latest and greatest intern, picks her favourite shows and the ones she could have easily done without at this year’s Autumn/Winter 2016 Mercedes Benz Prague Fashion Weekend


Feeling Good At the Top


A completely modern, minimalist and clean show from ODIVI was another highlight. Layers on layers on layers, baggy sweaters over baggy pants, baggy sweaters over beautiful sheer skirts, baggy sweaters over EVERYTHING. The whole collection worked together, and the steampunk glasses added another element to the whole show. Definitely feeling the street vibes from this collection with fur, marbled prints and some shearling added in for good measure, all in tones of black, white and grey with a pop of colour in the last two to three looks. Amazing.

Tiqe by Petra Balvinova
TIQE was the second show on the first day of fashion week and definitely was not easily forgotten, for me at least. Nearly every look was perfect, particularly the pinafore, button down and knee high socks. There were three distinct styles from the show and I’m not sure how well they meshed together – it went from cute and vintage-y, to very modern and almost futuristic, to two beautiful full length gowns. Despite this, TIQE makes it to my top three for sheer beauty in every look.

Daniela Peskova and Filip Jakab
As the winners of the Van Graaf Junior Talent Selection I think this collection deserves a top three spot. The amount of silk and raw edges in this collection made me weak at the knees, plus the slippers?! So beautiful. The patterns and material are reminiscent of Khussa shoes worn in the countries of South Asia. Lots of texture mixing, with deep colours mixed into a more neutral palette and again, a lot of layering.

It’s lonely at the Bottom

Jan Cerny
Out of this whole 10 look menswear collection there were maximum 3 pieces which were nice, let alone wearable. Of course, I understand he was part of the Young Designers Selection and being out there and a little wacky gets you noticed in the beginning, but other than one sweater and one shirt, nothing which screamed amazing to me. Also, the glove? I know fashion is subjective but I just didn’t get it.

 Denisa Nova
I’ll be honest – again, the raw edged silk pieces in this collection made me swoon. And I guess I kind of get it, pairing these beautiful, light and silky pieces with bulky jeans; it makes for a great idea. In theory. In reality, the jeans made these lithe models look twice their size and were so ill-fitting and just overall unflattering. Some of the pairings added pounds onto the models and just did nothing for the feminine figure. The silk saved it, but the jeans just killed it beyond saving.

Zuzana Kubickova
Definitely the best of a bad bunch, it’s not that it was a bad collection as such – more that it was a little bit meh. Nothing in this collection really excited me – not to say that the materials, textures and designs didn’t look really great, there was just no spark. And some of the colour combinations just did absolutely nothing for me.


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