An Afternoon with Orsay


WORDS: Madeline Chesnut

I spent a lovely afternoon with Orsay at The Grand Mark Prague Hotel for the launch of their 2016 autumn/winter collection. Thumbing through racks of new merchandise for the upcoming collections started my morning in a vibrant way that no shot of espresso can achieve. All of my fellow fashion addicts can attest to the feeling.

whole view.jpg

Orsay does a great job of appealing to young to middle aged women who have an eye for fashion, but who also keep an eye on their wallets. I enjoyed seeing how they staged their outfits with a mixture of traditional and modern styles. While I must admit that they are carrying boho out a season too far, I really appreciated the idea of traditional styles paired with modern aspects.

rack 2.JPG

The dominant trend that Orsay is suggesting for the upcoming season is faux fur and neutral colors. I saw faux fur repeatedly throughout the collection on collars, vests, handbags, boots, and just about anything else that you can sew it to. I have a love-hate relationship with faux fur because it can be so good, but it can go so bad, so easily. It is a very fine line. I’ve seen the multi-colored faux fur vest come back for its third season now, and I honestly thought we were past that stage.


Hidden amongst the beige sweaters and ponchos is a fresh floral tunic with a delicate pattern that is refreshing for the eyes.

blue coat

Bravo Orsay. They did fur right with this beautiful, periwinkle coat. The soft, cream fur collar adds the perfect amount of class and glamor to a simple, classic coat. This was by far my favorite coat for the upcoming collection.


Although the fur vests were not my favorite, I must admit that this black and white vest gives the outfit an extra dash of sass. Paired on top of a leather jacket, the vest adds another layer of texture while letting the yellow skirt remain as the star of the show. I really enjoyed the pop of yellow in these looks, and I wish that I saw more of it. I’m glad that they are showing black booties with their collection because black boots are a staple item for autumn and winter.

mens wear .JPG

Neutrals work really well in their men’s wear inspired collection. This rack was the highlight of my experience with its to-die-for coats in variations of black and white. If there is one thing that Orsay did well with their upcoming collection, it is their coats. You are sure to find one that suits you when the collection hits the stores.


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