A Tucked Away Pleasure: Parazit

Hidden down the busy street of Karlova right off Old Town square sits Czech design shop Parazit. It’s a small, cramped space filled to the brim with both established and emerging design talent. Word to the wise, if you can get past the bric-a-brac look from the outside you’ll find a treasure trove inside.

Parazit is one of the best shops in Prague to buy Czech designed good and also happens to sell them at a reasonable mark up that caters more to the Czech wallet than to the foreign one. What does that mean for you? Well, in short you aren’t going to be ripped off and pay an ungodly amount of money.

So what makes this store so great? For starters, designers sell there; trust me this is a rarity in Prague. This also means that new goods are in a revolving door state. “I have asymmetrical tunics there,” says Czech womenswear designer Zuzana Vesela, “and I am constantly needing to make new ones to sell to the shop. They can’t keep them in stock.” Zuzana Vesela isn’t alone, Eva, the owner of Parazit tells me that besides Zuzana Vesela her books and porcelain pieces are constantly being purchased by tourists; mainly from Asia.

Czech made dresses during a recent trip to the store

A treasure trove of original Czech fashion

There are pieces at the store that are hard to find outside of well-know Etsy-look-a-like, Fler.cz, but Eva does her best to make sure that those great artists are stocked. There are over 100 Czech and Slovak designers and students who are here, many of them are exclusive to Parazit and quite a few that have been with her since the beginning.

With Christmas around the corner we suggest you skip Old Town Square and it’s wash of cheap goods and head straight for Parazit instead.





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